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Airial du Branasse

Having a text that appeals to everyone is ultimately the risk of not satisfying anyone.
So, based on your mood, your tastes, your desires ; choose the title that appeals to you the most.
Enjoy your reading.

Le Branasse

It was one of those places where time stands still, where you feel suspended in a parallel universe, a unique place where the poetry of the surroundings perfectly aligns with the poetry of the souls who live here..

L’Airial du Branasse is above all a place of peace, where the rhythm of the days merges with that of the surrounding nature. The estate covers five hectares, an oasis of greenery that invites contemplation and relaxation.

There are five houses, each more charming than the other, housing seven comfortable and cozy rooms plus a dormitory. Everyone can find their happiness there, whether seeking solitude, with family, among friends, as a couple, or even with colleagues; L’Airial du Branasse is a welcoming place for all.

But that’s not all, as there’s also a gigantic swimming pool, which seems to blend into the horizon, an invitation to let oneself be carried by the waves and relax under the Landes sun. You can even do yoga there, as a specially designed room for this purpose is adjacent.

And then, there’s this particularly unique atmosphere, this impression of being in another world, a place where you can reconnect with yourself, offer yourself a moment of retreat, or simply enjoy the present moment.

L’Airial du Branasse is a haven of peace, an enchanted interlude, a place where nature reigns supreme, where birds sing in chorus, and time flows slowly.

It can be rented for family or friends vacations, for a photo shoot session, a company seminar, or a yoga retreat.

But beyond all these amenities, it’s above all the ambiance that gives soul to L’Airial du Branasse. You can find a little corner of paradise there, a place that will forever be etched in your memory, a place where you feel free to be yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a magical place to recharge and reconnect with nature, Le Branasse is the ideal place. Let yourself be carried away by the Landes’ gentle way of life and live an unforgettable experience.

Alice in Surfers' Land

Welcome to L’Airial du Branasse, a place where the improbable becomes possible and where magic operates tirelessly. Here, rabbits wear hats, cats play chess, and trees grow upside down.

You can rent the Airial for vacations, a photo shoot, a seminar, or a yoga retreat. But beware, renting this magical place does not guarantee a conventional vacation experience. On the contrary, you might find yourself transported to a world where the rules are different, where time warps, and where animals talk.

In the morning, you’ll be awakened by the birdsong and the rustling of falling leaves. You’ll wake up in a cozy bed, under a fluffy duvet, and you’ll want to stay there all day. But don’t give in, because the Airial has many surprises in store for you.

You can have your breakfast in the spacious kitchen, where tea cups fly on their own to come to you. You might even try playing cards with squirrels, who are formidable opponents.

If you want to relax, you can settle in the garden, where flowers have improbable colors and trees change shape every five minutes. You can lie down on the grass, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away by the wind.

The possibilities are endless at the Airial, where everything is possible.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll be delighted, as the Airial offers incredible settings for unforgettable shoots. The colors are vivid, the lighting is magical, and the animals are perfect models.

And if you’re looking for a place to organize a seminar or a yoga retreat, the Airial is perfect for that too. The rooms are spacious and calm, ideal for reflection and meditation.

In essence, Le Branasse is a unique place where reality blends with fiction, and the unusual becomes the norm. Don’t hesitate any longer and come immerse yourself in this magical and surprising universe.

Are we using "tu"?

Ah, Hossegor! Seignosse! A beautiful region of Landes! And what if I told you that I’ve found the airial of your dreams? A place you can rent for vacations, arrange a photo shoot, a seminar, or even a yoga retreat!

You’re going to love this airial, believe me. First, you arrive and wonder if you haven’t landed in a David Lynch movie. The pine trees stand before you, and there’s a mystical atmosphere that hangs in the air. You hear the sound of the waves in the distance, and you think you’re exactly where you should be.

And then, you start exploring the airial. You discover an immense garden. You smell the earth, the scent of the pine trees, and the taste of the ocean salt. You feel in communion with nature – that’s the Branasse effect!

Then, you enter the house. It’s huge, but not ostentatious. There are wooden furniture, rugs, colorful cushions, books everywhere, framed photos on the walls. You feel at home, but even better. As if you’ve been adopted by a warm family.

You continue and find the bedrooms. They’re bright, with massive beds. You’d be tempted to take a nap, but you want to see the rest of the airial. So, you keep going. And on.

And there, you stumble upon the pool. It’s enormous. You can already see yourself spending hours there, reading a book, sipping a cocktail, sunbathing. You don’t know yet that you’re going to spend most of your time there, but you’ll discover it soon enough!

Then, you’ll explore the surroundings. You’ll discover the sandy beaches, the perfect waves for surfing, the lively bars in the evenings. You’ll meet people, locals, travelers, artists. You’ll live incredible moments, bursts of laughter, nights spent reshaping the world.

You’ll regret having to leave, but you know you’ll come back. Because this airial is more than just a place to spend vacations. It’s an experience, an inner journey, a return to the essentials. And that, that’s priceless.

Tomorrow at dawn

Oh reader, allow me to tell you the story of an airial in Seignosse, Landes. A place that, like a raw diamond, shines with a thousand lights and fills with wonder all those who discover it. A place where time seems to stand still, where the worries of the modern world dissipate like morning mist under the warm rays of the sun. A sanctuary for weary souls, where one can recharge, reinvent oneself, reconnect with the essence.

But do not be deceived, for beneath the peaceful appearance of this airial lies a wild energy, a powerful and untamable life force that will sweep you away and amaze you at the same time.

Imagine a large estate, surrounded by majestic maritime pine trees proudly reaching towar- ds the sky, century-old oaks standing guard protecting the place from the assaults of wind and weather, and green fields bathed in the sweet scent of wildflowers, the melodious song of birds, and the choreographed dances of squirrels. A true nature ballet, where the protago- nists are none other than the inhabitants of the place.

At the center of this airial stands a grand house, rustic and sophisticated at once, welcoming you with open doors and a warm aura. Inside, you’ll discover an elegant decor blending tradition and modernity. Solid wooden furniture, plush cushions, art objects—a ambiance that invites relaxation and inspiration.

But this airial is more than just a refuge for flora and fauna. No, it is much more than that. It offers an ideal retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can come here with family or friends for unforgettable vacations in the Landes nature, where you can enjoy the pool, the garden, and any outdoor activities you desire. You can also book the airial for a photo shoot, using the beauty of the place as a breathtaking back- drop. You can organize a seminar or a yoga retreat, benefiting from the serenity and tranqui- lity of the airial to focus on your personal and professional development.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the place. This airial, my friend, is a true nature jewel. And if you’re willing to be guided by it, to be surprised and amazed, then you’ll leave this place transformed, forever marked by its beauty and poetry. It’s a place where imagina- tion meets reality, where the past and the present come together.

Bardot, Gandhi and NASA

Listen up! They’ve asked me to talk to you about an airial in Seignosse, Landes. And not just any airial, mind you! This one is absolutely fantastic: 5 buildings, 7 rooms, a yoga studio, a dormitory, a gigantic pool, and a 5-hectare park. It’s available for rent for vaca- tions. Or you can rent it to organize incredible events: photo shoots, seminars, yoga retreats – the possibilities are as vast as a continent!

Over there, everything is calm and tranquility. It’s like an ode to serenity. The buildings are grand and noble, like iconic landmarks of Landes architecture. The rooms are cozy and well-maintained, with sheets that smell like summer. The yoga studio is a haven of peace, a place where bodies and minds reconcile. As for the pool, it’s enormous, to the point where you could fit all the teams of a water polo tournament in it!

And then, there’s the park. Ah, the park! A true green paradise, where trees and flowers dance in the wind. There are paths that wind through the groves, streams that whisper secrets to visitors, benches that invite laziness and contemplation. You could play hide and seek there for hours.

But don’t be fooled, behind this bucolic facade lies a veritable dream factory. Photo shoots are more glamorous than Brigitte Bardot’s life, seminars are more productive than NASA’s, yoga retreats are more spiritual than Gandhi’s declarations. You’re never bored at the Airial. You live there, you vibrate there, you find peace and inspiration.

So, if you’re looking for an extraordinary place, a place that leaves a lasting mark on you, a place where you can be yourself, L’Airial du Branasse is meant for you. But beware, once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to live without it. That’s just how it is with Branasse, it’s addictive.

Sandy moonlight

In Gascony’s Landes, charming and bright,
An airial stands, a haven of peace in sight.
In Seignosse, it lies, this charm so divine,
A place enchanting where harmony aligns.

Here, pine trees stand proud, touching the sky so high,
Nature reigns supreme, eternal, never shy.
The scents of the pines, the birds’ melodious song,
Atlantic’s invitation, a pause that’s lifelong.

A unique place where time ceases to race,
Tranquility lives, its pace is grace.
Ideal for photoshoots, for solitude’s grace,
A seminar’s focus, in its ample space.

Calm reigns supreme, the airial vast,
For yoga retreats, it’s unsurpassed.
Quiet absolute, pure air, vistas grand,
Here, one’s at peace, an incomparable land.

Each house is a haven, a cocoon of delight,
An invite to rest, fears taking flight.
All comforts are found for a stay so sweet,
Every detail is cared for, love’s heartbeat.

A singular place, where you’re truly at home,
Where you surrender, let your spirit roam.
Where life’s pleasures are savored with glee,
In a dreamlike realm of laughter and glee.

And so, back we come, again and once more,
To recharge our souls, this sanctuary we adore.
In this green serene jewel, tranquility’s bed,
Where time’s suspended, eternity’s thread.

Every moment’s a gift, each instant we find,
In this place where serenity and beauty are entwined.

Merci Jean-Claude

L’Airial du Branasse, c’est un peu comme la nature elle-même. On respire l’air frais, on entend le chant des birds, on voit les arbres, on sent l’énergie of life. It’s a place where you can connect to the essential, à l’essentiel you know, où l’on peut se reconnecter avec soi-même. Moi et moi. Toi et moi. Toi et toi. Eux et toi? I don’t know. Tu vois? My friends, l’Airial du Branasse est un véritable bijou de la nature, une oasis de tranquillité, un refuge pour le spirit et le soul. It’s really strong feeling.

You know, mes amis, la nature est une grande source d’inspiration pour la philosophie. En observant les arbres, les flowers, les birds, on peut apprendre tellement de choses sur la vie, sur l’harmonie, sur la beauty. L’Airial est un endroit so quiet, tellement paisible, qu’on ne peut que se sentir en harmonie avec la nature, avec l’univers tout entier. On se sent aware. On peut y trouver des réponses à des questions que l’on se pose depuis longtemps. J’te laisse réfléchir deux minutes. Prends ton temps. Le temps c’est le temps you know.

Même dans la piscine, my friends, aware on swimming pool! Elle est comme la vie, elle est deep, elle est mystérieuse, elle est changeante. Et l’eau…oh l’eau, H2O, elle est claire, pure, cristalline, comme si elle contenait en elle la mémoire de la vie. On peut y plonger, y nager, y flotter, y méditer y faire des bubbles. On peut y apprendre tellement de choses sur soi-même, sur ses peurs, sur ses désirs, sur ses dreams. On peut y trouver l’apaisement, le bonheur, la sagesse. Tu see.

And, mes amis, il y a les soirées au Branasse. Elles sont comme la life, elles sont imprévisibles, elles sont riches en surprises. Tu savais que surprises en anglais c’est surprises? C’est fou, It’s so crazy! On peut y rencontrer des gens extraordinaires, des êtres humains awares qui nous inspirent, qui nous font réfléchir, qui nous poussent à nous dépasser. On peut y apprendre tellement de choses sur l’amitié, sur l’amour, sur la fraternité.

So my friends, si vous cherchez un endroit pour vous ressourcer, pour vous reconnect with yourself et avec la nature, ne cherchez pas plus loin. Parce que loin c’est pas près. L’Airial du Branasse est l’endroit qu’il vous faut. Venez y passer des vacances, des séminaires, des yoga retreats, et vous en ressortirez transformés, comme si vous aviez touché du doigt la sagesse de l’univers. Du deuxième doigt parce que le pouce ça veut dire autre chose. Et souvenez-vous toujours, always ; la nature n’est pas un endroit à visiter, c’est notre maison. I love you.

Cinderella in flip-flops

Once upon a time, in the heart of Landes, there was an exceptional estate that bore the sweet name of L’Airial du Branasse. This place, where nature had found its haven, had been conceived to allow travelers to recharge far from the urban hustle. Le Branasse was the product of a family history where a passion for the region and a spirit of sharing were the guiding principles.

L’Airial du Branasse consisted of five buildings. Stone and wood walls, raw wooden beams, and bow windows added an authentic charm to the ensemble. Each building had been tastefully arranged and offered optimal comfort for the visitors. In total, L’Airial du Branasse could host up to twenty people in its seven spacious and luminous rooms, along with its dormitory. Each room was meticulously decorated and furnished to encourage relaxation and repose.

Nature held a central place at Le Branasse. The estate was nestled within a five-hectare park, where magnificent trees, wooded paths, and green meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. It was a veritable Eden, ideal for leisurely strolls and moments of contemplation.

The giant pool was the jewel of Le Branasse. With its extraordinary dimensions and its breathtaking view of the park, it beckoned for swimming and relaxation.

The yoga studio was also a pride of the airial. It was a place of peace and serenity, where one could reconnect with oneself and rediscover inner harmony. Both experienced practi- tioners and novices wishing to delve into this discipline could find fulfillment there.

L’Airial du Branasse was a magical place, where everything was possible. One could spend family vacations there, organize professional seminars, conduct photoshoot sessions, or even arrange yoga retreats. The owners were always attentive to their guests, ready to intro- duce them to the hidden treasures of the region and provide an unforgettable stay.

Le Branasse was a unique place, where time seemed to stand still. It was a place to recharge, to reconnect with oneself and with nature. It was a magical place, where dreams became reality, and where one felt at home.


Welcome to Hossegor, where emerald waves crash onto golden shores, and where the airial that awaits you is warmer than the smile of a bikini-clad surfista. Believe me, this place has nothing to envy of Huntington Beach or Malibu.

This airial is like a bubble outside of time. It’s a place where time stretches slowly, where each breath is a journey into the infinite, and where every sigh is a dream coming true. As soon as you step through the gates of this property, you’re greeted by lush nature that enve- lops you in its warm embrace. Trees, plants, and multicolored flowers blend into an impres- sionist painting that will surely steal your heart. The house itself is an architectural marvel, harmoniously mixing traditional and contemporary styles. You’ll find all modern amenities while retaining the rustic charm of the region. You can rent seven rooms here for vacations. They’re spacious and bright, with plush beds guaranteeing restful nights of sleep. Or you can rent the airial for a photoshoot, a seminar, or a yoga retreat. Whatever your purpose of visit, this airial will be your refuge, your sanctuary.

Here is where pine groves meet green fields, where birds sing in harmony with crickets, and where gentle southwest breezes caress your skin. It’s a place where nature reigns, where you can breathe freely, and where you feel in harmony with the universe. Trees stand tall, creating a magical atmosphere, while birds chirp cheerfully and rabbits play joyfully in the meadows.

But make no mistake, this airial isn’t for the timid. Here, anything is possible. The walls might as well have ears, but they don’t need them: bursts of laughter, shouts of joy, and lively songs resonate throughout the space. You can dance under the stars, swim in the pool at midnight, play poker until dawn, or simply get lost in the garden pathways. Fiery sunsets will make you lose your mind, while spirited evenings will make you forget everything else. The sounds of the waves echo in your ears, creating a hypnotic symphony that will enchant you.

This airial is a realm of endless possibilities. You can relax, recharge, or party here. You can be yourself or become someone else. You can experience an adventure or simply exist. Whatever you’re seeking, you’ll find it. Here. So hesitate no more, come get lost in the magic of Branasse, and let yourself be carried away by the enchanting charm of Landes.

To be or not to be at Branasse

Act I, Scene I

(A dense forest in Landes, near the town of Hossegor. The sun shines through the trees, creating a bright atmosphere. Birds sing, and animals wander around.)

Enter on stage: Ferdinand, accompanied by his friends, who are exploring the place.

Oh, wonder! What a place of peace and beauty!
These trees, these birds, this enchanted clearing!
Who would have thought to find such a haven here,
A place of serenity, far from noise and fever?
Friends, behold this area, this green domain!
Let’s seek no more elsewhere, here’s where our future shall remain.

But, dear Ferdinand, is this a place for leisure?
A spot to rest, enjoy, and gain pleasure?
Aren’t we here for a holiday’s delight?
Could this be the ideal place for such a flight?

But you see, dear friend, this place is one of a kind!
There’s room for rejuvenation, relaxation of mind.
Imagine a seminar, a photoshoot’s art,
Or a yoga retreat, where we play our part.

My friends, you’re right! This place is a gem,
We’ll spend holidays here, like in a dream’s realm.
I already see our group gathering in this space,
Embraced by this nature, where beauty we embrace.

And what of this house, dear Ferdinand?
Could it be our home, our charming haven so grand?

Perfect! We shall rent it, and cherish moments so sweet,
In this airial, we’ll live tranquilly, complete.

And why not invite other friends, to share this experience?
The place fosters camaraderie, exchange, life’s very essence.

Yes, we could organize a grand festivity,
And invite people for moments of gaiety

But let us not forget, dear Ferdinand, that nature is delicate,
We must preserve, protect, ensure it remains intricate.

Rightly said, dear friend! We shall not degrade,
Respect, protect, its beauty unswayed.

My friends, you’re right! This nature is our treasure,
We’ll do all to preserve it, in its continual pleasure.

So let’s rent this airial, and spend unforgettable days,
In this enchanting place, where everything amazes, and relays.

I concur! Let’s go ahead, let’s rent this space,
And create unforgettable memories, in joy and peace, no race.

(Soft music begins to play).


Behold, a magical place where dreams are made true,
Life finds its essence, in simplicity and view.


Welcome to Airial du Branasse, where nature and tranquility beckon you for an unforget- table stay in the Landes. But don’t be fooled by the apparent calm, for this place is anything but boring.

Let’s start with the houses. We have five of them, each with its own character, like a group of friends that complement each other. They are all adorned with wood, as if to blend into the surrounding forest. It’s almost as if the architect wanted to create an ode to nature. And they succeeded, because you feel at home here, but with the advantage of being surrounded by endless greenery.

Airial du Branasse also boasts seven rooms, each more comfortable than the previous one. They are all unique, but share one thing in common: they are perfect for rejuvenation after a day of surfing or forest walks. And if you need to do some yoga to unwind, you’ll be delighted. The yoga room is as spacious as your practice is deep.

Let’s talk about the pool. And when I say “pool,” I mean “POOL.” It’s so large that the spot could apply for the Olympics next year. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea. Imagine yourself diving under the warm summer sun, sipping a homemade cocktail. Yes, that’s the life.

The park. It spans five hectares, which is ample room to discreetly phone your lover. It’s also an ideal place for strolling and enjoying the surrounding nature. You can even organize a little photo shoot for your Instagram, to show your friends that you have class and style.

The airial is a versatile venue that can be rented for various occasions. Whether it’s a family vacation, a photo shoot, a corporate seminar, or a yoga retreat, everything is possible here. It’s a space of freedom and creativity, where the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself.

Don't tell anyone

It’s such an incredible place that I almost don’t want to talk about it. But well, I suppose if you insist, I can give you a little glimpse…

First, you should know that Airial du Branasse is a one-of-a-kind place. Imagine a large wooded area, surrounded by pine trees that filter the sunlight, cork oaks, and wildflowers bursting with colors, where several wooden houses nestle. Each of them is different, but all have a captivating charm, with their sunny terraces and large glass windows.

And there you have it. I’ve said too much. In reality, I don’t want you to come here. Not at all. Because I want to keep this place for myself. Alone.

Yet, I can’t help but sing the praises of this enchanting place. Imagine having your breakfast on the terrace, facing a breathtaking landscape. You can hear the waves breaking in the distance and smell the ocean. The Atlantic. I could tell you about the beauty of the nature surrounding me, but I believe what truly makes this place special is its unique atmosphere. Here, everyone is relaxed and happy. Days are filled with surfing, biking through the pine forest, and beachside aperitifs.

Again. I’ve said too much again.

And when evening comes, you can light a fire and roast marshmallows while listening to stories. Fall asleep peacefully, cradled by the symphony of the forest. So yes, Branasse is a marvelous place.

But I can’t let you come here. You might fall in love with this place, like I did, and I couldn’t bear to share my little piece of paradise with someone else. It’s my secret place, my hideaway, my sanctuary, the kind of place that instantly makes you feel on vacation.